CT1: environment

The Thematic Committee CT1 ENVIRONNEMENT covering the following areas :

  • Modelling of of past ocean and climate change
  • Modelling of planetary atmospheres
  • Analyze and assimilation processes for data integration,
  • Physics-chemistry of atmospheric composition
  • Oceans biogeochemistry
  • Functioning and evolution of terrestrial ecosystems (outside biology projects).



Pine Island glacier (Antarctica) dynamics enhanced by an increase of sub-ice shelf melting. This modelling was performed using the open source finite element ice sheet / ice flow model Elmer/Ice (http://elmerice.elmerfem.org/) on the CINES cluster Jade. Results have been published in Favier et al., 2014.

Favier, L., G. Durand, S. L. Cornford, G. H. Gudmundsson, O. Gagliardini, F. Giller-Chaulet, T. Zwinger, A. J. Payne and A. M. Le Brocq, 2014. Retreat of Pine Island Glacier controlled by marine ice-sheet instability, Nature Climate Change, doi:10.1038/nclimate2094.

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