C.I.N.E.S. Centre Informatique National de l’Enseignement Supérieur

C.I.N.E.S. Centre Informatique National de l’Enseignement Supérieur

First workshop of the COST Mobilise action in Sofia (Bulgaria)

Mobilising Data, Policies and Experts in Scientific Collections

The COST Action MOBILISE will:

1) Facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology between researchers, domain specialists, data aggregators and industry by networking activities, events, workshops and trainings (“Open to the world”)


2) Promote the development of innovative techniques and coordinated prioritisation to increase efficiency of large scale collection digitisation and mobilisation (“Open innovation”)


3) Raise awareness about the need in science and society that, apart from physical access, sustainable data access infrastructures are an integral component of biodiversity research (“Open access”)




CINES participates to WG4 Workshop “Data storage and archiving strategies”

The CINES long term archiving experts were in Sofia in March to participate in a Mobilize event that aimed to identify some general strategies for storing and archiving long-term object data and assigned multimedia files.

Presentations and work done are available on a dedicated wiki :