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C.I.N.E.S. Centre Informatique National de l’Enseignement Supérieur

Publication of a new version V1.0 of SEDA (Data Exchange Standard for Archiving) national standard.


As a member of the SEDA (Data Exchange Standard for Archiving) steering committee, CINES announce the release V1.0 of national standard.

To recap, the standard data exchange for archiving models the different transactions that can occur between actors in the context of data archiving. These transactions are limited to six: transfer, transfer request, modification, elimination, communication and restitution.

We have five actors : producer service, data submission service , archiving service, control service and applicant service. The SEDA formally defines:

  • transactions scenarios (sequence diagrams in UML) in which actors exchange messages.
  • form of messages exchanged during these transactions by XML schemas.

Resources linked to the new version (1.0) of the SEDA have just been placed on the website of the Archives of France.

The main new features of this version are:

  • messages of acceptance and rejection are always the same. Only the value of the return code distinguishes them;
  • return receipts are systematized in the diagrams either for requests or responses, that they are positive or not;
  • a unique message of return receipts was created to replace all the elders which were specific to transactions in which they were used;
  • creating a transaction “request for permission” which can or should be used: for a request to communicate with derogation and for a request to elimination;
  • the model description of archives has also been changed to harmonize the terms of naming conventions in order to respect the UN / CEFACT convention and so as to answer to the requests for evolutions that had been expressed. The details of these changes is given in the description document of standard

New resources and updates on the website of the Archives of France are:

  • new schemas (XML schemas and sample schematron to complete the specifications)
  • tools to facilitate the management of this new version of the standard:

a. a stylesheet to transform a transfer message version 0.2 to version 1.0;

b. a stylesheet to transform a transfer message version 0.2 to HTML web page;

c. a stylesheet to transform an achiving profil version 0.2 to version 1.0;

d. application in “command line” to make the validation of XML schema, schematrons, RelaxNG schemas and also to allow XSLT transformations;

  • the documentation of the standard has been updated to describe the changes made and to specify a number of principles of implementation (rules management of ultimate fate , access restrictions, use of return receipts messages).

Finally on the Adullact “forge” a new updated version of the Agape application was filed . This new version allows to model archive profiles by selecting the version (0.2 or 1.0) of the SEDA that you want to use.

Note that the standardization work of the SEDA will soon be launched. The objective is to achieve shortly to publish a French standard NF. For this, the CINES will share his experience with the permanent members of the CG46/CN4 …

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