Presentation of the EOSC Roadmap in Vienna




CINES was at

2nd STAKEHOLDER FORUM VIENNA 20 21st November 2108

Launch of the EOSC boat..
Those who built it will not necessarily be the passengers or those who will drive it.


EOSC roadmap

The EOSC is designed for 1.7 million researchers.

The governance structure of EOSC is launched on 23 November 2018 (post-2020 governance mechanism, strategic plan, approach to extend the base to industry).

  • 2016 – Vision for the E Open Science Cloud
  • 2018 – EOSC (consulting)

Two groups of experts and consultation:


EOSC Council MS EC + Executive Council (11 Stakeholders) + Stakeholder Forum + Working Group + CSA Coordination Structure

  • Until 2020 – 300 million euros support the main functions
  • After 2020 – governance is exploring a combination of funding

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