EUDAT-CDI : a common and persistent data infrastructure, the “Collaborative Data Infrastructure”

EUDAT meets the needs of researchers, research communities and infrastructures that produce or use very large data sets for research purposes, ensuring that data are managed and stored in a secure, professional and persistent manner.

The developed services of in the EUDAT project :

  • B2DROP: personal cloud to store and share research data
  • B2SHARE: research data storage and sharing service
  • B2FIND: portal for searching collections of search data stored in EUDAT data centers and other search repositories
  • B2SAFE: a robust, secure, and highly available replication service that enables community and departmental repositories to replicate and retain their search data on EUDAT data nodes.
  • B2STAGE: a service for sending large amounts of search data between EUDAT data nodes and workspace areas of high performance computer systems.
  • ETDR : long-term preservation service for research data. The service level of the instance deployed at CINES is available here, the terms of use here, the privacy policy here, and the user manual can be viewed here

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Dernière modification le : 20 March 2020