PRACE – the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe strengthens the impact of European R&D in science and engineering across disciplines, with the aim of improving European competitiveness for the benefit of society. PRACE aims to fulfill this mission by providing world-class computational and data management facilities accessible to public research through a peer review process. The broad participation of European governments through their dedicated organizations allows PRACE to offer a wide variety of resources and the expertise to make the best use of them. PRACE maintains a dedicated 10 Gb/s network linking tier-0 and tier-1 partners. In order to assist users and potential users, but also to train future generations of scientists and engineers, PRACE has set up an important training program across the continent.

CINES is a partner (with GENCI) in all the implementation phase projects since 2008. The ongoing Sixth Implementation Phase (PRACE-6IP) project focusses on preparation of strategies and best practices for Exascale Computing, the continuation and extension of advanced training, work on future-oriented SW solutions (data services, etc.). It is co-funded by the European Commission’s Programme H2020.

CINES is involved in the following activities:

  • Deliver HPC trainings in the PRACE Advanced Training Courses program.
  • Provide support to SMEs as part of SHAPE, the SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe.
  • Maintain HPC benchmark suite
  • Coordination to develop collaborations with other e-infrastructures in EDI and EOSC.Enhancing the high-Level Support teams


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