Business process managment

General mapping

The map below shows 14 processes that interact.



ISO 9001 divides the process into several categories. According to this international standard, CINES distinguishes process of achieving those flying (or management) of the activity. However, in a first approach, the classes “measurement process” and “support process” of the activity of Archive were collected.

The process of conducting the business of archiving

These processes are represented in blue in the general mapping. They participate in the actual implementation of the Archive activity and answer the question: “How to meet the needs of” customers “?”. 
There are:

  • Ingest process  describes the processing performed in the phases of archives ingestion. The mapping is available here ;
  • Storage and data management process describes the processing performed in archives conservation phases. The mapping is available here ;
  • Access process  describes the processing performed in archives communication phases. The mapping is available here ;
  • Formats expertise process  is described here ;
  • Formats migration process  is described here ;
  • Restitution and cancellation process is described here.

The processes of assistance to achieve the activity

These processes are processes called “support and measure: they answer the question:” How to obtain the means to do so? And how to measure the activity and quality of service offered? “.

There are:

  • Quality of storage management . The mapping is available here ;
  • Innovations and investments  process . The mapping is available here ;
  • Prospected and customer service  described in this mapping ;
  • And so the  standardisation and internal documentation management  is described here.

The management processes of the PAC service

These processes are known as “steering”. They respond to the question: “How to deploy and manage strategies for PAC ?”

There are:

  • PAC Preservation policy process . The mapping is available here;
  • Risk management process  The mapping is available here.
  • Metrics and assesments process . The mapping is available here;
  • Process system management map  describes the methodology adopted to formalize PAC business processes . The mapping is available here.

The map below represents interactions between processes.



  • This map is available here.
  • The numbers on the arrows correspond to the flow of data (documents, alerts …) between the objects identified. These exchanges are identified and described in the legend of the map which is available here
  • A matrix of correspondence between the functions of the OAIS model and the PAC process is available  matrice_OAIS_-_Processus
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