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To date, several archival projects have been deployed in the production environment or are being implemented, including:

The projects in operation:

  • Archiving electronic theses
    • Documents in electronic format natively transfered by ABES
  • Archiving of scientific journals of portal Persée
    • Documents stemming from the digitization of paper journals in the program Persée
  • Archiving of documents deposited in open archives
    • HAL – Hyper Article en Ligne of CCSD
  • Archiving of audio documents stemming from research in the field of oral
    • CoCoON (COllections de COrpus Oraux Numérique) as CRD0-Paris and SLDR(Speech & Language Data Repository) as CRD0-Aix in program of SHS (Social and Human Sciences) TGE-Adonis, in collaboration with the CC-IN2P3
  • Archiving of digitized works of the university library Pierre and Marie Curie
  • Archiving of digitized works in legal history at CUJAS library
  • Archiving of digitized books in the History of Medicine BIUSanté 
  • Archival photographic archives of the French School of Far East 
  • Archiving of digitized works from the Sainte Genevieve library

Projects in progress

  •  The data collected on natural hazards by CEMAGREF and unity TETIS
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