Occigen: 306 million hours awarded during the A5 call

306 million hours were allocated on Occigen during the last GENCI A5 call:

The podium of the disciplines in term of allocated hours (in million of hours, Mh):
– CT4 (Astrophysics and geophysics): 58.2 Mh or 19%;
– CT2B (Reactive and/or multiphase flows): 46.3Mh or 15.1%;
– CT7 (Molecular modeling applied to biology): 39.1Mh or 12.8%.

168 projects were submitted, including 138 renewals and 30 new projects. These A5 hours will be open in production on Occigen at the beginning of November 2018 and can be used until October 31, 2019. More information on GENCI’s calls:


Dernière modification le : 7 October 2018