Sixth day PAC user at CINES

This 21 September 2018 saw, for the sixth time, take place the day users PAC at CINES.

After the introductory speech by our director, Boris Dintrans,

the morning was divided between the presentation of the operation of PAC (V3) with its latest evolutions and that of the POC VITAM-CROUS-CINES.

The weather smiling us a meal was taken in the gardens of CINES, followed by a visit of the machine rooms.


In the afternoon, they were able to share their feedback.


The INRAP and the MMSH of Aix, which went into production in 2017, gave a presentation of their archiving project,









while Archéovision showed a return on archival archaeological data in 3D.

We warmly thank our users for this day of exchanges that we hope to renew next year.

Dernière modification le : 10 October 2018