Data movement tool

To facilitate the movement of data between different spaces, CINES offers a tool.

This tool that uses dedicated resources accelerates the movement of data between different file systems in CINES, $HOME, $SCRATCHDIR, $WORKDIR, $STOREDIR (it does not allow to extract data to an external site).

The command can only be called from the login nodes.

It is self-documenting, just use the “-h” option:

user@login:~$ wdcp -h                                                                                                          

 To launch a parallel copy, run :
      wdcp source dest 
 To get informations about your ongoing copies, do 
      wdcp --show 
 To get info about all your previous transfer jobs, do 
      wdcp --list-all
Help options:
  -h, --help                    show this help message


Dernière modification le : 11 February 2022