The accounting of the work on the OCCIGEN machine is based on the resources allocated by the SLURM job manager.

The number of hours deducted for a job will be calculated as follows :

                   number of hours counted = Wall_Time * Ncpus


    • Wall_Time : the duration of the job execution.
    • Ncpus : the number of cores, depending on the execution mode

1. If it’s a “exclusive job:

                  Ncpus  =  nbr_nodes_HSW  *  24  + nbr_nodes_BDW  *  28

nbr_nodes_HSW : number of nodes Haswell allocated to the job by SLURM.
nbr-nodes_BDW : number of nodes Broadwell allocated to the job by SLURM.

2. If it’s a job running on a “shared node” (only for job asking less than 24 cores) :

                 Ncpus = max (ncpus_per_job, mem_per_job / mem_per_cpu)

ncpus_per_job : total number of core of the job.
mem_per_job : memory size for the job.
mem_per_cpu : average memory size by core (5 GB)

Dernière modification le : 12 February 2019