VNC interactive sessions

The following command allows you to access the vizualisation service frontal node :

$ ssh <user>

The « vizalloc » command allows only one session at a time. The active sessions can be listed by the command «  vizqueue ».  To terminate a session, please type the command «  vizcancel ».

By default, a session will last 30 min and the maximum duration can not exceed 6 hours.

The following command will open a session if the resource is available :

$ vizalloc -m vnc

In such a case, the allocated node name is shown as follows :

Visualisation JOB : 5072415 submitted, waiting for resources...
Service started on server :
Begin time: 2019-01-20T12:34:00
End time  : 2019-01-20T13:04:00 

Connection to the allocated node :

A client VNC tool is needed ( vncviewer-java) in order to connect to your session. Be careful to use those made for java because of the encoding protocol only supported by it. You can download a version here.

Here follows an example :

Authenticate yourself with your usual login and password :


The access of your  interactive graphic session is obtained.

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