User’s comitee

More thant 1500 user’s of the CINES are represented by the user committee “Comité de Chercheurs Calculant au CINES” (CCCC or C4).

The C4 provide exchanges between CINES and the users. It may be consulted to give a technical advice before the renewall of the supercomputer, on the choice between HPC software, on the quality of the services supplied, and all the news needs of the community.

The C4 is elected for a 3-year term. The members of each committee (CT) are asked to vote for a representative and one alternate. The alternate is call to sit in the Committee in case one of the absence of the full member.

The Committee shall meet in at least once a year at the CINES in Montpellier. The agenda is established jointly by the committee and by the CINES.

‘Le comité se réunit au moins une fois par an dans les locaux du CINES à Montpellier, sur un ordre du jour élaboré conjointement avec le CINES. It shall appoint one president from among its members. The president of the C4 can be called to represent the user community at the the CINES during the Board of the CINES, at MESR, CSCI, GENCI, PRACE, and for other HPC center, … The C4 can too be call to participate during scientifics events, to promote HPC computing at CINES : specialized seminars, young researchers days, etc.

News C4

The composition of the C4

The minutes of the meetinge of the 27th november 2013

The minutes of the meeting of the 23 may 2013

      The minutes of the meeting of the 12 november 2015.

The minutes of the meeting of the 13 May 2016.

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