Training “Quick start Occigen”

The Intensive Computing Department of CINES offers, to teams newly equipped when allocating computing resources on Occigen for the A7 call, training to facilitate the familiarization of the machine and its computing environment.

This training will be given over four half-days: December, 11st afternoon and December 13th  in the premises of CINES. It will be provided by some members of the HPC CINES deparment : Naima Alaoui, Nicole Audiffren, Bertrand Cirou, Mathieu Cloirec, Romain Couturat et Cédric Jourdain

We particularly encourage project leaders to disseminate this information to their master’s and doctoral students or future doctoral candidates, who are likely to use the OCCIGEN machine’s computing environments.

Registration is open from 4 November 2019 until 1 December 2019 at 12 noon.

Dernière modification le : 2 January 2020