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Category: Thematic Committees


The Occigen machine the machine now offers a compute node with a large memory, many CPUs and GPUs. It is possible to use this node for all users who have an account on Occigen. The

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CT1: environment

The Thematic Committee CT1 ENVIRONNEMENT covering the following areas : Modelling of of past ocean and climate change Modelling of planetary atmospheres Analyze and assimilation processes for data integration, Physics-chemistry of atmospheric composition Oceans biogeochemistry Functioning and evolution of

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CT2-a: non-reactive flows

The Thematic Committee CT2-A : Non-reactive flows covering the following areas : Dynamics of incompressible and compressible flows Hydrodynamics Steady and unsteady aerodynamics Rotatings flows Thermal radiation and convection Natural convection.     Auteurs : Ecole Centrale de Lyon

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CT2-b: reactive and/or multiphase flows

The Thematic Committee CT2-b ECOULEMENTS RÉACTIFS OU/ET MULTIPHASIQUES covering the following areas : Interfaces and multiphase flows Phase changes Different rheological characteristics Turbulent combustion Direct numerical simulation (DNS) of reactive flows Flame structures Kinetics of combustion Diphasic reactive

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CT3: Biology and Health

The Thematic Comitee CT3 Simulation biomédicale and Applications à la santé covering the following areas : Particle/tissues interaction and Monte Carlo methods Nanotechnologies therapeutics Medical imaging (acquisition and processing) Decision-support tools Bioinformatics Genomics Modeling of the human body Biomecanics

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