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Project metadata : ppdi.xml

When a project begins, it is important to document some information about the context of production of the archival fonds, about producers, data submission services, and the archiving projects.
Indeed, in the long-term, when all persons involved in the project are no longer there to explain, when the data submission service and the producer don’t exist anymore, when only the archived documents remain, it is fundamental for the understanding of the archival fonds to know the context that surrounds it: by whom the documents have been produced? For what purpose? When? For whom? Why were they stored? What are the choices that were made at this time?

At CINES, these metadata describing all the archiving project are grouped together in an XML file called PPDIfor Project Preservation Description Information – Sustainability information of the project level. This file is archived in the platform like any other documents sent by the data submission service and is updated when there are changes in the archive project.

icone-PDFView the metadata that make up the ppdi.xml


The term PPDI is directly inspired by the OAIS, which associates a DIP with each information of content, in other words sustainability information on the document. In the case of PPDI, it concerns information of sustainability on the archive project itself…