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Sustainability of the open archive HAL

The need

HAL is a platform dedicated to the storage and the dissemination of scholarly documents of all academic fields. It has been developed in 2011 by the CCSd (Centre de Communication Scientifique directe), an Unité Mixte de Service of the CNRS, the INRIA and the University of Lyon. With the spread of the Open Access and a wide use of the platform by the community of Higher Education and Research, the preservation of HAL’s contents seems to be relevant.
Since April 2013 and a partnership agreement on open archives, Hal is at the center of the national politic on Open Access, and on sharing, dissemination and preservation of research results.

The methodology

The archiving project starts in 2010, in partnership with the CINES, Huma-Num and the CCSd. Every publication submitted to HAL see its file format checked to be sure they can be archived. Documents which are not in compliance with their file standard (around 11%) are corrected. After that correction step, only 2% of these files can’t be archived in PAC because of their format. Work is in progress to increase the rate of archived documents.

Reach HAL platform





CINES has an expertise in the file format selection and validation. This expertise has been useful for this project, by helping finding solutions to mass processing of PDF files with standard compliance problems.

Key numbers

650 000 archived documents

4500 new archived documents each month

6 months of implementation