Additional national strategic missions


Exceptional resources available to teachers and researchers to address major scientific challenges

  • Advanced equipment for extreme simulations :
    • A machine in the world TOP30 2.1 Pflops to 50,544 cores
    • Experimental technology platforms: hybrid machines based accelerators.
  • Of broadband
  • Highly qualified engineers
    • Personalized assistance
    • Training for parallelization techniques
  • The possibility of scientific Home
  • Participation in European projects (PRACE, HPC Europa) and ANR
Supercalculateur OCCIGEN (BullX B720) de 2,1 Petaflops

Supercomputer OCCIGEN (BullX B720) de 2,1 Petaflops




For free computing hours at CINES simply submit a dossier on www.edari.fr site, describing the scientific project and justifying the resources needed for its implementation

Long Term Archiving

A powerful solution for long-term preservation of digital heritage institutions

  • Archiving is an essential parameter of political paperless and scan information
  • CINES offers an economical and secure solution
    • Meets the field of standards
    • Respecting the standard exchange protocol
    • Accredited by the Inter Service Archives France
  • Are concerned :
    • The science: issues of observations or calculationsEnluminure1
    • Legacy data: teaching, publications, etc.
    • Administrative data
  • The expertise of CINES based on:
    • A multidisciplinary team of specialists to the needs
    • Collaborations with key stakeholders: BNF, Archives de France, the National Archives, CNES,
    • The experience of a computer center in the exploitation of digital data
  • Achievements
    • Official National Centre for archiving electronic theses
    • Archiving SHS journals published by the portal PERSEE
    • Archive for Huma-Num TGE of Research Center for Oral Data Data for the CCSD publications deposited in HAL to their heritage collections of libraries, etc.
    • CINES is also involved EUDAT the European project to develop a European infrastructure for exchange and data retention.




CINES experience in the exploitation of IT environments and sharing its outstanding infrastructure can accommodate in its computer rooms critical servers national partners (Bibliographic Agency for Higher Education, INSERM, RENATER MOOC platform Digital University in France, …)

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