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After three years of design and development, a first version of the PAC – Archiving Platform at CINES (PAC v1.0) – was deployed in spring 2007. The initial objective was the integration with the STAR application (developed under the responsibility of ABES, the Agency for Libraries in Higher Education)
However, the hardware infrastructure capacity did not allow to handle the volume of data provided by new archive projects, so a call for tenders was issued for the acquisition of a platform capable of managing large volumes (over 40 terabytes),.


A second version of the PAC system (PAC v2.0) had been operated from spring 2008. It was based on the Arcsys software and coupled to a module developed in-house in Java that uses a MySql database. It privileged always the same generic approach, thus avoiding the treatment of archival projects on a case by case basis, and allows the sharing of the platform for all archive projects.

At the end of 2015, the platform evolution to a third version started. Many reasons lead to that new evolution. First, the equipment used (servers and storage arrays) had reached the end of their life. Then, many system elements had to be improved, like the storage capacity, the archiving on the distant site of the CC-IN2P3 and the local archiving on tapes. At last, there was a desire to offer users different levels of services. So, PAC v3.0 has been released in 2016, again based on the Arcsys software, but with new equipment, a virtualized architecture and more importantly, a greater storage capacity.


Cette solution est proposée à l’ensemble de la communauté de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche dès lors que le corpus de documents à archiver est reconnu d’intérêt national.

La mission d’archivage pérenne au CINES en quelques dates :




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