CINES (National Computing Center for Higher Education) is a French public institution, located in Montpellier (south of France) and supervised by the French ministry for Higher Education and Research.

CINES offers remarkable services to the scientific community through two national strategic missions :

  • High performance computing
  • Long term digital preservation
  • National hosting computer platforms

In order to perform these missions, CINES is equipped with a high level secured infrastructure (in particular 2 general electricity supplies : 2.6 MW and 10 MW), complying with the new requirements for environment footprint, power offer and cooling capacity.

Beside these two main missions, CINES offers a secure hosting for national servers operating strategic applications for the higher education and research community. This activity takes advantage of the high level infrastructure.

About 60 people work at CINES. These include technical teams of engineers and experts responsible for the operation and optimal use of the computing resources as well as for training and user support.






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