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Public current and non-current records

With the huge amount of digital documents produced every day, public institutions have to find solutions to preserve their data. In France, “Archiving operators” can help them, if they get an agreement delivered by the SIAF. The CINES got this agreement in 2010. Lasting 3 years, it has been renewed in 2014 and again in 2017. By this agreement, the CINES can preserve public current and non-current records.


What is a public record ?

Public records are “the documents that result from the activities of the State, of the territorial collectives from public establishments and enterprises; the documents that result from the activities of private law firms in charge of the management of public services or given a mission of public service.” (Code du patrimoine,Livre II, Art. L211-4. The translation of this definition comes from: https://www.archivesdefrance.culture.gouv.fr/seda/documentation/archives_echanges_v0-1_description_standard_v1-0-english.pdf.




The SEDA (Data Exchange Standard for Archiving)

SEDA has been created to boost interoperability between administrations by providing a frame to facilitate data exchange for archiving. It has been recommended by the General Interoperability Database (in French Référentiel Général d’Intéropérabilité). It allows :

  • Modelling of the transactions between the different stakeholders during data archiving (Transfer/ Delivery/ Modification/ Destruction/ Restitution)
  • Representation of this exchanges by providing a structure and a vocabulary (XML schemas, metadata)
  • Automation of the exchanges and controls (definition of archiving profiles which rule the transfer, the messages content and the management of the information package…)

Since its first publication in 2006 (version 0.1), the SEDA has known some evolutions. In January 2014, it has been standardized for parts by the AFNOR, the result being the NF Z44-022 standard called MEDONA. SEDA’s version 2.0, published in December 2015, incorporates the changes du to this new standard.

CINES is part of the SEDA steering committee since its creation in 2011. CINES is also a member of the AFNOR CG46-CN4 commission (interoperability), which allows it to take part of the NF Z44-022 standard writing

More information on the SEDA


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