C.I.N.E.S. Centre Informatique National de l’Enseignement Supérieur

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As part of the European ICEDIG project, CINES has deployed an open data portal: https://opendata.cines.fr/ which makes available on the web the search results for the OCRisation campaign of the Herbadrop project

The data are currently preserved on the CINES archiving platform and made available on this portal for the duration of the project.
It allows botanists to search for herbaria using the OCR results of the labels (that have been generated using the CINES HPC resources of) which they could not query before.





ICEDIG – “Innovation and consolidation for large scale digitisation of natural heritage” – is an EU-funded project that aims at supporting the implementation phase of the new Research Infrastructure DiSSCo (“Distributed System of Scientific Collections”) by designing and addressing the technical, financial, policy and governance aspects necessary to operate such a large distributed initiative for natural sciences collections across Europe.



DiSSCo is a new pan-European Research Infrastructure initiative with a vision to position European natural science collections at the centre of data-driven scientific excellence and innovation in environmental research, climate change, food security, health and the bioeconomy.