The FAIRsFAIR project, started in March 2019, aims to provide practical solutions to the use of FAIR data principles throughout the research data lifecycle. The focus is on promoting FAIR data culture and adopting best practices to make data FAIR.

FAIRsFAIR will play a key role in developing global standards for FAIR certification of repositories and the data they contain, contributing to the policies and practices that will make the EOSC program an operational infrastructure. FAIRsFAIR will provide a platform for the use and implementation of FAIR principles in the daily work of research data providers and repositories in Europe. This project will also provide the essential FAIR dimensions of participation rules and regulatory compliance for participation in EOSC.

CINES participates in the work of FAIR certifications, as well as the construction of a European network of FAIR Trusted Digital Repositories and several dedicated FAIR Competence Centers.

More informations: https://www.fairsfair.eu/

Dernière modification le : 27 May 2021