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Kick-off meeting PHIDIAS

The PHIDIAS kick-off meeting took place at the CINES premises in Montpellier (France) on 24th and 25th September 2019.

This meeting had several goals, among them:

40 people have participated to the Kick-Off Meeting. They were from Finland, Italy, Netherland, Belgium and France. The 13 members organizations had the opportunity to present and explain their role in PHIDIAS for the next 3 years.



Each of the 7 workpackageswere presented by the WP leader: WP1: Management & Overall Coordination; WP2: Computer and storage workflow management; WP3: Technical coordination and Development of the Common System that can handle the full « Earth System » perimeter; WP4: Data area test case 1 – Intelligent screening of large amount of satellite data for detection and identification of anomalous atmospheric composition events; WP5: Data area test case 2 – Big data earth observations: processing on-demand services for environmental monitoring: WP6: Data area test case 3 – Ocean; WP7: Dissemination, Impact and Sustainability path.



On the second day, the participants brainstormed in 2 separate groups in order to initiate the scientific and technical reflections and to start the working tracks: Group 1 : inputs/outputs needs?Group 2 : HPC/HPDA/storage needs ? During the afternoon, the workpackages collected and listed the next actions to be implemented in the weeks / months / and year to come.


You can follow the steps and actions of PHIDIAS via the website dedicated to the project: https://www.phidias-hpc.eu/

And on the social networks: