CINES - Centre Informatique National de l’Enseignement Supérieur


C.I.N.E.S. Centre Informatique National de l’Enseignement Supérieur

How to compute at CINES ?

Any researcher belonging to the French research community, referring to his/her laboratory, is able to apply for resources on the CINES hosted computers using the « DARI (Demande d’Attribution de Ressources Informatiques)» web site. He describes the project scientific interest and the resources needed to achieve it. Thematics Comitees gathering national experts review the applications and propose a resource allocation for the selected projects, based on their scientific excellence level. This procedure, managed by GENCI, is shared by the three national Tier-1 computing centers: CINES, IDRIS and TGCC.


The parallel architecture supercomputer at CINES is :

Procedures to acces the CINES resources via the DARI application :

Access to hosts is awarded following DARI DARI(Demande d’Attribution de Ressources Informatiques). procedure



Should you require computational hours on the CINES hosts outside of the DARI procedure, you can make a specific request to the CINES director, filling this form and sending it to Download the form



Consumption tracking

All year long, you can check your consumption on this site

You are also able to track the computers overall activity.

More generally, any information request can be made by email at

The HPC department support team remains available to help you with your applications parallelization and execution on our computers.