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The archiving of theses

The permanent archiving of theses collected by ABES – the Bibliographic Agency for Higher Education – through theSTARtool, was initiated following the decree of August 7, 2006 on rules for deposit, reporting , reproduction, dissemination and preservation of theses or works presented in thesis for a doctorate.

This provides that a doctoral student who has to deposit his thesis in the University Library in which he will perform his defense can do this either on paper or electronic form.

End 2013 over 22500 theses were archived in the platform.

In the latter case, the Library deposited the digital documents constituting the thesis at ABES through the STAR tool, then adds informations describing the thesis, as metadata. After several phases of validation, the thesis is archived at CINES ..

The PAC platform integration to the STAR tool has been completed and the project is in operation since spring 2008. Having demonstrated the feasibility and options selected for the first version of the platform, it is undergoing scalability, which is the pace of implementation of the STAR tools in French universities.

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